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 DELHI – 110054
No. F 19(M)/2004/Tpt/Ops/7600-20
 Dated 01/07/2004


In compliance of directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court, Delhi, it had been decided that the drivers of the following passenger transport Vehicles (Heavy, Medium and Light) of the following categories shall undergo mandatory REFRESHER TRAINING COURSE once a year (in case of drivers who are carrying hazardous goods) and three years in other type of driving licenses, to be conducted by Institute of Driving Training & Research, Wazirabad Road, Loni, Delhi, Automobile Association of Upper India, C-8 Institutional Area (Behind Qutub Hotel), New Delhi – 110016 and Institutes of Road Traffic Eduction, B-128 DDA Shed, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi – 110020:-

1. Drivers of Blue line buses.
2. Drivers of private operators.
3. Drivers of buses under kilometer scheme of DTC
4. Drivers of DTC buses both intercity stage and intera-city stage carriage.
5. Drivers of contract carriages
6. Drivers of educational institutional buses
7. Drivers of All India Tourist buses (coaches)
8. All Government Drivers

However, the AAUI and IRTE can conduct the refresher course training for two days and issue the certificate of competition of the training to the candidates. The candidates who get training at AAUI & IRTE, shall pay a sum of Rs 200/- at AAUI / IRTE for the training and a sum of Rs 200/- shall be paid at IDTR for the evaluation test. The EVALUATION TEST and CERTIFICATE will be issued by IDTR only and required before Renewal/issuance of the Driving Licence in the NCT of Delhi. This procedure will come into effect immediately.

Successful candidates were to be issued a certificate by IDTR which was to be retained by the drivers and to be produced on demand by the official of Enforcement Branch, Delhi Traffic Police and any other competent authority under the law.

Those drivers failing in the test would be provided an opportunity for reappearing after lapse of 15 days by IDTR.

All above notified drivers are advised to get themselves registered with the above mentioned institute and go through the training and evaluation.

Strict compliance of this order shall be made with effect from 1st July, 2004 and non-compliance shall invite action in accordance with law.

This issues with the approval of Commissioner (Transport) (P.R. MEENA) JOINT COMMISSIONER (OPS) All MLOs Copy to :-

1. All Supervisory Deputy Commissioners.
2. Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
3. Secretary to Minister (Transport)
4. P.S. to Commissioner (transport)
5. Director, IDTR/Secretary, AAUI/Director IRTE


No. ________________/AT-3/ST-I
Dated: Chandigarh,


Institute of Driving Training & Research (IDTR), Wazirabad Road, Adjoining Loni Road Flyover, Delhi – 110094 operated by M/s Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been authorised to conduct driving skill test of the applicants who have been issued learner’s license by the competent Licensing Authority situated in the State. Any applicant appearing with the request of preparation of final license alongwith a certificate issued by IDTR on its letter head which confirms that the applicant has been properly tested and has been found fit, will not be required to undergo the driving test by the concerned licensing Authority. On the basis of certification issued by IDTR, a proper permanent license will be issued only in respect of all the vehicles except the transport/commercial vehicle. The applicant should, however, fulfill all other conditions as prescribed in the Motor Vehicles Act/Central Motor Vehicles Rules. This is issued with the approval of Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Transport Department.

Jt. State Transport Controller (T)
for State Transport Controller,

Haryana Endst.No. 9912-80/AT-3/ST-I Dated Chandigarh, the 17/5/04 A copy is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:-

1. All District Transport Officers in the State.
2. All Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil)-cum-Licensing Authorities in the State
3. Director (IDTR), Wazirabad Road, Adjoining Loni Road Flyover, Delhi – 110094
4. PS/FCT for the information of FCT
5. PA/STC for the information of STC. (B.R.Beri) Jt. State Transport Controller (T) For State Transport Controller, Haryana

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